Blogging VS YouTube: Best for Making Money

Blogging VS YouTube Best for Making Money

We talk a lot regarding side hustles and how they can help you achieve financial freedom much faster. I frequently advise individuals to establish a blog, and I’ve also recommended developing YouTube channels (here is ours).

  • I am frequently asked, “Which one would you choose?”
  • If you were to start over, would you start a blog today?
  • Would you instead build a YouTube channel?

So, to give you some context, I maintain a blog and a YouTube channel. We started with the Blog around two and a half years ago and the YouTube channel about a year ago. I have very different opinions about each of them.

So I’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of blogging vs. YouTube channels with you. I’ll also ask you a few questions that I believe you should be asking yourself if you’re thinking about launching a blog or a YouTube channel as a side hustle.

So, the first thing I’d say is that if you’re thinking about creating a blog or a YouTube channel, I’d say go ahead and do it.

Both cannot be started at the same time.

That is simply not going to work. You must select one to begin. I will tell you everything I know about each of these side hustles. Perhaps, you can take the knowledge, personalize it, and make it into something that will motivate you to get started right away.

The Benefits of Blogging

We’ll start with blogging and talk about the benefits and reasons why I think you should create one:

Source of Inspiration: 

It’s an excellent platform for you to use as a creative outlet. I was never to stand in front of a camera, film, or do anything like that when I first started.

So blogging was the low-hanging fruit for me, something I could get started. It was inexpensive (£2.35 per month), and I could get started and have something I could call my own.

So you could do the same thing for yourself; you could look at blogging as a low-cost way to get started on anything creative.

1: You own your Blog

The second key benefit, which is crucial, is that you truly own your Blog. If you have a self-hosted blog, either one you host yourself or one you host someplace else.

The whole Blog’s content is yours to keep in perpetuity. In contrast, when we talk about YouTube later, you’ll hear me remark that anything on your YouTube channel is not yours.

Google may decide to shut you down, or YouTube may turn out the lights and shut down your YouTube channel. That is a crucial distinction.

One thing that offers your Blog a distinct edge is that you own it. You may also take that ownership and turn it into a small business.

One day, you’ll be able to sell that Blog. In reality, there is a market for buying and selling blogs, often known as blog flipping.

If you’ve developed a blog with regular monthly revenue.

2: Make Money From Your Blog

The third advantage of blogging is that you can monetize it.

It is one of the main reasons why most individuals start blogs; they want to generate some additional money to assist them in paying off their debts or whatever they require.

As a result, you may monetize your Blog in various ways.

Advertising via sponsorships or affiliate money, i.e., selling other people’s products or services.

You can also sell your products, which is one of the most exciting aspects of having a blog, and then you can do a lot to monetize it.

I teach you how to start a money-making blog in this step-by-step guide.

I went to great lengths on monetizing your Blog, particularly for those in the United Kingdom. However, people living outside the United Kingdom can utilize that knowledge to start their money-making Blog.

3: Excellent if you Enjoy Writing

The next advantage is that it is ideal if you enjoy writing.

I was never really good at writing. My English GCSE grade was a C.

But then I realized, you know what, I will utilize this to grow as a person.

To write about topics that interest me and see whether anyone likes them. My Blog took off as usual and has done exceptionally well, featured on several platforms in less than two and a half years.

It has been featured on several media platforms, including the BBC, Channel 5, numerous publications, including The Sunday Times and Metro, and multiple platforms. As a result, it’s gotten a lot of attention. However, that exposure has come from a lot of hard effort.

But the main point I’m making here is that if you enjoy writing or want to improve your writing skills, realize that you don’t have to be brilliant at it. If you wish to get better at it, or if you’re going to enhance your communication skills, blogging is an excellent place to start.

It’s also an excellent approach to learning about human nature. Understand how people think since they will spend a lot of time writing answers and comments on the many blog entries you will make through your Blog.

4: You Can Create Your Brand

The last advantage of blogging is that it can become a well-known brand, unlike a YouTube channel, where many channels become extremely popular.

A blog is just a website with a lot of content; it may become trendy and be referred to by many other websites.

Therefore, the Blog will generate a lot of future value. The more websites that link into your Blog, the better that Blog will perform in Google Search Engine optimization. And the more likely it is to be discovered when people search for specific keywords.

The Drawbacks of Blogging

Okay, let’s keep things honest! Everything isn’t perfect with blogging; you must do things that are a hassle.

1: You Must Generate Traffic

You are solely responsible for generating all of your traffic. When I talk about YouTube, you’ll notice that it’s an entirely different story.

You must consistently produce your traffic, whether from Google through search engine optimization or social media, Pinterest, and other similar sites when it comes to blogging. It takes a lot of effort to create content that will rank.

To determine the ideal keywords to target, you must conduct extensive keyword research and competitive research. When you generate content based on specific keywords, it must rank well in search engines.

That will be the first negative since you are doing all the work, which directly takes me to negative number two.

2: Taking Up Your Time

There’s no getting around the time commitment necessary to make a genuinely helpful blog article since it has so many components.

Consider that for a moment. I mean, think about it.

  • When you start the Blog, which is good since you gain a crucial skill set, digital abilities.
  • Then it would help if you devoted some effort to making it visually appealing.
  • So you’ll need to spend some time researching and content creation.
  • Then it would help if you devoted some time to promoting that content and much more effort to cooperating with others.

But, yes, it works because I did it. However, the point remains that it is time demanding.

3: Extremely Competitive

The third disadvantage is that blogging is highly competitive. There are millions of blogs on the internet.

However, I discovered that the more you niche down into a specific sector, and your Blog is pretty accurate and talks with a distinct voice, the more your Blog may stand out and become a success.

So I put this into practice when I first started two and a half years ago. and the Blog is performing admirably in both our own and other people’s evaluations.

4: Not Particularly Personal 

The third and most fundamental disadvantage is that blogs are not very personal.

You have to put in a lot of effort to make your blogs personal by adding photos (see below), colors, and a variety of other elements to make someone know, like, and trust you.

Many individuals will visit your Blog, take your items, and then leave.

They never consider to themselves, “Wait a minute, somebody truly owns this blog.”

It’s as if they’re paying a visit to my house, and they’ve knocked on the door and entered. They don’t, however, remain to examine you. That is an essential aspect of blogging: it is not necessarily highly personal.

Some blogs make a concerted attempt to become highly personal. Personal blogs, you’ll notice, tend to stand out from the crowd because people want to know who they are, what they stand for, and what their story is.

Blogging is all about telling stories.

4: Ads do not Pay as Well.

The last disadvantage of blogging is that, while you may make money from advertising on blogs, the advertisers do not pay as well as they do on YouTube.

Advertisers, for example, pay you by CPM, Cost Per Mille, or cost per thousand impressions. These are often far lower on the Blog than, say, on YouTube. 

However, this is dependent on the sort of niche you’re in, the type of content you’re producing, and the time of year you’re creating these pieces of content.

The YouTube’s Benefits

Let’s go on to YouTube and examine the benefits and drawbacks. I’m new and, believe it or not, have just been doing this for the last 12 months.

Before that, I was sitting in my house, wondering, “What if I get judged?”

What if people remark and say hurtful things? I had to find out for myself, didn’t I?

So, when writing a blog article, I have to consider my grammar, emotion, and layers. But I’m just me on YouTube, right? It’s either like it or doesn’t like it, which is fantastic.

1: It’s a lot of fun to watch videos on YouTube.

The first advantage is that YouTube is a lot of fun.

You may enjoy it and the process of learning about video, cameras, lighting, and other such things, which are skill sets I never had before.

You will also learn about communication skills, which is extremely useful for achieving success in almost all sectors of life.

2: YouTube Is A Marketing Powerhouse

The second huge advantage is that YouTube is effectively a giant search engine.

As a result, the YouTube algorithm promotes all of our videos.

I don’t devote any time to promoting my videos. I do nothing except make videos.

Then YouTube takes that content and grossly overpromotes it.

So you’d never get this with a blog because the Blog is self-hosted, and you have to advertise your content. On YouTube, on the other hand, you have a machine working for you all the time.

3: Excellent for Audience Development

It’s a fantastic method to establish an audience and trust, like, know to feel towards you.

People become acquainted with you because they can hear you talk.

They can observe your eccentricities, gauge your emotions, and tell if you’re faking it or being genuine.

That’s why I like this platform so much: you can be yourself, and people will notice. Strange things have happened to me.

For example, I’m strolling down the street when I hear someone yelling my name from a bus—just some unusual things. For instance, I’m walking down Oxford Street when a random guy stops me and shakes my hand.

Another example of strange occurrences: on my way back from Cambridge, a man at the WH Smiths shop inside Kings Cross train station approaches me and says, “I’ve been watching all of your videos, Ken, and you’re amazing.”

“WOW!” I exclaim.

So you may have a significant influence. a Large Impression ON PEOPLE’S lives because People can Listen to Themselves, FEEL YOU, AND DETERMINE you’re genuine.

And they can like and trust you far more quickly on YouTube than they can on a blog. But keep in mind that they each have their own set of strengths and shortcomings. So this is unquestionably a good thing for YouTube.

4: You Can Be Well Paid

Another advantage is that you may earn a lot of money on YouTube.

As a result, YouTube profits from the advertisements that appear on your videos. And the advertisements on YouTube pay far more than, say, the ads you would produce by having a blog.

That’s the other distinction. YouTube’s CPM rates are more excellent.

Last I looked, our YouTube channel was charging roughly £14 per thousand impressions.

Which was a lot more than I could have gotten from my Blog. The CPM is usually indicated in dollars; however, it is displayed in pounds on my phone. As a result, you might earn a lot more money from advertisements.

But the second advantage, which I should mention immediately, is that you can generate money on YouTube in ways other than advertising. 

As an affiliate, you may sell other people’s items, or you can offer your digital products, such as an online Skill course or an E-book.

You can sell many things on YouTube, whether a product or an event, because people know, like, and trust you. Because they’ve seen you on YouTube, they’re far more inclined to buy from you.

The YouTube’s Drawbacks

Okay, let’s move on to the downsides of YouTube since there are plenty of them.

I told you about the process: I’d make a video and pass it over to my gorgeous wife, saying, “Hi, darling, kindly edit the video?”

1: Video Editing Takes a Lot of Time

And here’s the crucial part: editing takes a long time. Our audience loves the video on how we paid off our mortgage, which seems to have gone viral.

That film probably took 12 to 24 hours to edit because Mary learned how to edit. Even now, when she’s adept at editing, it takes a long time. So editing is essential because you are a YouTuber.

  • It will help if you plan your idea.
  • Then you explore the view to determine why you think the video will do well.
  • You must collect statistics to demonstrate why this idea would be successful.
  • Then you develop the content.
  • Send the content to someone to edit; in this case, it happens to be my wife; she then edits.
  • You then perform specific administrative tasks to post the content to YouTube.
  • You may add tags and do a variety of other things.

So that takes a long time. However, once completed, YouTube will market your content on your behalf.

2: You do not have Control Over your Channel.

The following disadvantage is meaningful. You do not own your YouTube channel, as I briefly explained earlier.

You control the content on it, including your videos and other items that you may download and move to another site.

However, YouTube or Google can terminate your channel. They can erase it if they want, so it’s not like you own the Blog and have total control over it.

You own and control your Blog; ownership and control are two huge cornerstones for earning riches. You don’t own it on YouTube, but you do have control over it most of the time.

However, that control you have may vanish since ownership is not in your hands. That is critical to comprehend.

3: YouTube Is a Competitive Platform

The third disadvantage is that while YouTube is competitive, it is not as competitive as blogging. So, I’d argue that YouTube has about a tenth of the competition that a blog may have.

So, for example, there aren’t many people making videos in the UK’s personal finance (financial independence) sector. However, many blogs in the UK discuss money and personal finance.

So, what’s the distinction?

The difference is that few people are willing to take the risk of standing in front of a camera, growing in their personal growth, and sharing their message.

I took the risk!

Yup! I pushed myself, placed myself in front of the camera, and faced the possible judgment of anyone who saw my content. We’ve been rewarded as YouTubers on this platform for taking that risk.

Although YouTube is a competitive environment, there are several things you can do to stand out. Instead of spending a lot of time on a blog, you spend all of your time on YouTube, focusing on quality, value, authenticity, and consistency.

With the essential principles of narrative and generating fascinating content, all four components ensure that you stand out on YouTube. People discover your content, fall in love with it, put their faith in you, and subscribe.

Which Is Better, YouTube or Blogging?

So, if you had to make that option right now, would you establish a blog or a YouTube channel?

Here are the key questions I believe you should be asking yourself to decide.

The first question you should ask yourself is, 

  • Which platform would you like to use the most?
  • Which of these activities appeals to you?

I’d tell you straight now that I love producing YouTube videos. Because, you know, it’s simply fun, I set up my camera and chat about various topics in my voice.

And I know from people’s comments that they genuinely love our content; they express their delight, and the feedback I receive motivates me to create even more content. So I’d advise picking one based on which one you think you’ll love doing the most.

First, pick that one.

Select a Platform that is in line with your goals.

The second thing to consider is which one best aligns with the goals you’re attempting to achieve.

Let me give you an example.

When we first started the Blog, my goal was to build something. I could call my own, something that could serve as a creative canvas and a place where I could publish whatever information I wanted.

When we launched a YouTube channel.

My goal was to push myself to be in front of the camera, which I was a little nervous about since the whole idea of recording and being assessed was terrifying to me.

So it was a personal development adventure for me. But, at the same time, I wanted to introduce The Humble Penny blog to a whole new audience on YouTube.

So here’s my question for you:

What is your goal to create a blog or a YouTube channel? Which of these two platforms is best suited to assisting you in achieving your destination much more quickly?

If you can obtain an answer to that, you’ll know which one to go to.

The Rate of Audience Growth

The final question is how rapidly you want to grow your audience. That is quite crucial.

Start a YouTube channel without a doubt if you want to grow your audience swiftly. The third point to consider is how you want to use your blogging time.

You will spend a significant amount of time initially mastering the basics of how to construct your Blog and begin writing, which is valuable in and of itself.

How to make blog entries, as well as how to use WordPress platforms, SquareSpace, or whatever platform you’re using. Then, how do you begin to advertise your content?

Our rising success on YouTube is because we originally learned specific talents on the Blog. It would help if you considered your time allocation.

Do I want to spend more time on the Blog performing duties, or do I want to attempt to generate excellent content that gives value genuinely and consistently?

So, if you can pick how you want to spend your time, you can also decide which of these two platforms you wish to pursue.


Finally, just because you start a blog doesn’t imply you can’t have a YouTube channel later, and vice versa. Choose one and get started.

The key thing is consistency because if you can create that muscle of character, you will succeed regardless of platform. And my ideal situation is one in which we maintain a blog and a YouTube channel. And they both feed off of one other.

Because, as you can see, they have different audiences on both platforms. We’ll eventually use the abilities we’ve gained from both platforms to launch our podcast.

Many people have told me, “Ken, you should start a podcast,” and I’ve been thinking, “Hmm, maybe I might start a podcast.”

As a result, we will almost certainly launch a podcast in the future.

Please let me know in the comments if you’d like us to start a podcast shortly. I’d also like to hear from you in the comments if you’ve been thinking about establishing a blog or a YouTube channel.

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