Instacart Shopper Pro Tips and Tricks 2022

Instacart Shopper Pro Tips and Tricks 2022

Selecting Instacart

I was constantly seeking a side business before I started shopping for consumers on the Instacart website. I appreciate having additional spending money because it helps me make ends meet. I’ve tried driving for Uber and Lyft, as well as delivering meals for UberEats and DoorDash. I finally discovered my dream side job and began shopping and delivering groceries with Instacart. Each of these side jobs has advantages and disadvantages.

When the coronavirus epidemic began, I decided I didn’t want to transport people in my car in order to avoid as much physical contact as possible. Uber Eats and DoorDash were relatively low-contact options for getting additional money on Fridays and Saturdays; that was about it. I discovered that by shopping with Instacart, I could regularly make a significant amount of money from Friday to Tuesday on most weeks. Tips are available for you to maintain on all of these sites.

Bonus for New Customers

If you’re considering joining up with Instacart, here are a few things to consider. First and foremost, make certain that you sign up through a referral. If you are referred to Instacart by someone, you will be eligible for a signing bonus. The cost may differ based on your region, so you should absolutely join up through a reference from an Instacart shopper.

Make sure you read all of the bonus’s specifications and conditions, and that you complete these requirements in order to claim the bonus. To be eligible for the bonus, a new shopper must typically finish 30 batches in the first 30 days.

Schedule Flexibility

Currently, there is no minimum amount of hours that an Instacart shopper must work. A shopper on Instacart can work as much or as little as they choose. It’s all up to you. When you become an Instacart shopper and download the app, there is a section that shows you the best days and times to shop in your neighborhood. You may use this information to create a strategy for yourself and optimize your earning potential by shopping on the busiest days and hours.

Pro Instacart Tips

1. Self-Checkout

Unless the app expressly states that self-check is not permitted (as I’ve only observed at Costco), feel free to utilize the self-checkout lane to expedite the procedure. Waiting in the standard checkout queue may add up quickly, especially on crowded shopping days. You always want to finish batches as quickly as possible in order to make as much money as feasible. Wasting time might result in lost batches, which equals less money for you.

2. Parking

Parking near the cart return, which is sometimes missed, may save a significant amount of time. Always park near a cart return to expedite your orders and help you make on-time deliveries to optimize your revenue.

3. Shopper Promotions

Always shop on days when Instacart is running a shopper special. This is an excellent opportunity to get some additional money by finishing a certain number of orders in a single day. Promotions are typically presented on days when there is a big amount of orders, and it is an excellent opportunity to make some fast money.

4. Orders in Small Quantities

Small orders are my favorite, especially during shopper promotion days. On promotion days, I usually take modest orders to rapidly complete the promotion requirements before moving on to larger orders once I’ve met my promotion quota.

5. Less Items

I make a living by fulfilling orders containing 25 or less products. Orders of this size often contain six or fewer bags. I can easily carry 6 bags to the customer’s door without making repeated journeys. This is a tremendous time saver. I can easily navigate a store with a little shopping cart and use the self-service checkout. In most cases, I’m on my way in 30 minutes or less. This strategy is excellent for increasing your revenue while also controlling your time. Earning more money requires good time management.

6. Stores that sell memberships

In my perspective, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Costco are the best paying batches. They are typically tiny in size, yet they frequently hold heavy products such as cases of bottled water. You can easily earn a good batch pay and advance to the following batch. Except for Costco, you may also utilize self-service checkout to expedite your shopping journey. Always arrange your cart so that the UPC labels are facing up, then scan them with the portable scanner. Grab a couple of boxes to transport your belongings on the way out. Load your car and drive to the customer.

7. Time and place

Keep in mind that the early bird gets the worm. Begin early if you want to be a pro. While I’m preparing my coffee around 6:00 a.m., I like to open my app. As my first batch, I try to find a quick batch that is near to my residence. This assists me in getting warmed up and off the couch. Once I’ve finished my first batch, I usually set up by parking in a central spot in the town where I’m working. This puts me near Wegmans, Costco, BJ’s, and other stores. Remember, location is everything; make sure you’re close to the activity if you want to get the most out of Instacart.

8. Set goals

Make a point of setting goals for yourself. The trick is to create achievable goals. You should be able to do six batches in a single day with ease. Alternatively, you might specify a monetary target as your aim. Set a financial goal for yourself. Make an effort to earn $50 for the day. If earning $50 per day becomes too easy, increase your daily barrier to $60, $80, or $100. Whatever works in your specific situation. Your daily target might be as high as $500 depending on where you live! To succeed, it’s important to start by defining realistic goals for yourself and adhering to them.

9. Orders for Delivery Only

Take advantage of the opportunity to complete a delivery-only order! These batches are quite appealing to me. It’s always considerably faster than shopping, and the batch pay is equivalent to, if not slightly less than, a full service order. That’s just great with me. It certainly beats wheeling around the store and helps to break up the monotony of the day.

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