How to Make Money Online 2022: 15 New Ways

Make Free money online in 2022

Let’s get right to the point: you’ve come to learn how to make money online for everyone. I’ve devoured the last few years learning how to make money online and tell you the truth about it.

More than 220,000 people search for this on Google each month, and over 4 billion results are returned. That is something that many people want, yet most available information is restricted to America.

People in the United Kingdom and other comparable nations have difficulty obtaining high-quality, actionable, and legitimate material that may help them make money online.

I can tell you that after reading this text, you will be ecstatic about the possibilities of how to make money online.


Let’s go right to my favorite ways to make money online. I’ve tried many of these ideas in some form, so I’m speaking from personal experience.

The majority of them are free to begin, but some require some financial money. Time is involved in all concepts. We’ll look at these money-making opportunities in seven primary areas below:

Starting an online business is a fantastic idea if you are looking long-term. Here are some suggestions:

1: Create a Blog

I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and honestly say it’s a decent method to make money. If that’s what you’re looking for. Not all blogs are designed to earn income.

Some do it only for enjoyment, while others do it for fun and money.

Others do it for entirely other purposes, such as cultivating an audience before authoring a book.

Unlike many other ideas, a blog may turn into a business or a digital asset. That means it becomes more than simply a source of income over time and a company (investment) that may sell.

Blogs are often sold two to three times their yearly income, and there is a market for them. Making money does not happen overnight, albeit with certain exceptions depending on how you monetize.

For example, if you provide your abilities through consulting or coaching, you may earn income right now. However, making revenue from visits takes a long time because Google is unlikely to recognize your site for at least six months.

The following are some examples of ways to make money online with a blog or website:

  • Ad income: We rely on a genuinely outstanding firm called MediaVine. We have a revenue share of 75% (us) vs. 25% (them) (them).
  • Earnings from affiliate marketing: We promote products that benefit our readers. Books and resources, for example.
  • Sponsorship income: We collaborate with complementary brands such as Experian, PensionBee, and others.
  • Coaching income: We occasionally provide coaching services to those sincerely committed.
  • Course income: We make income from our expanding online school Etc.

There are easily 30 – 50 various methods to make money from a blog.

That is before you even consider the non-monetary factors such as collaborations, partnerships, learning, and so on.

It is essential to realize that not all income levels are equal.

Some appear daily, such as ad income, and are therefore persistent. Then some appear every month, such as sponsorship income if you’ve signed to a monthly arrangement with a company.

Affiliate marketing income, for example, combines the best of both worlds. Some affiliates pay you a one-time fee, while others pay you regularly or continuously.

Any regular source of income is good since it is sticky revenue.

However, to make money, you should NEVER compromise on quality.

Focus on providing value and creating trust to succeed at blogging.

That will give you an advantage over the many people who believe they can make money without giving value. Above all, keep in mind that no one you admire has attained success in a single day or even a single year.

Things take time to happen, and money is no exception. Have a good time and let things happen spontaneously. If you provide genuine value, money is an inevitable byproduct. That’s how it goes in life!

How Much Money Can You Make?

You may go from losing income (i.e., not generating any money but paying for hosting) to earning more than £20,000 per month. Good blogs operated by people who understand how to control and own traffic generally make £1000 to £20,000 per month.

Only a few websites make more than £20,000 per month and earn more than £1 million each year. These six- and seven-figure blogs often have thousands of email subscribers and social media followers.

They also use automation and funnel systems to make the operation function efficiently. Such blogs are often maintained by a team of at least three people, including the primary blogger (owner), a tech person, a marketer, and an author.

Some of these people are virtual assistants, while others are full-time employees paid by the hour or month.

How Much Time, Money, and Effort Are Necessary?

Blogging takes time! No one should ever tell you that this is going to be simple. For example, it took me at least two hours to plan and begin writing this excellent essay.

Then I worked for around 3 – 5 hours (over two days) to construct it! Please keep in mind that this is a lengthy post! However, the premise remains: Assume you’ll need to put in 1.5 to 2 hours every day once it’s grown.

However, at first, strive for 30 minutes to an hour every day. You only need little money to get started in terms of money – you only need to pay for hosting.

2: Establish a Subscription Business

You most likely pay a membership fee for various items in your life today. Subscribers are better than customers, according to the business case for subscriptions.

Creating a subscription business can assist you in acquiring Automatic Customers. You may start a subscription business for any product or service, such as cleaning, cooking, selling flowers, gardening, and so on.

The best aspect about this method of earning money is that it provides you with consistent recurring income that is given to you in advance. However, you must provide exceptional value. Furthermore, subscription businesses are more valuable than traditional firms.

3: Online Tutoring Business

That is a fantastic option for a side business if you have the drive and talent. The private tuition market in the United Kingdom alone is worth over £2 billion each year. That would be far more prevalent in the United States, for example.

According to the Sutton Trust, around 25% of all pupils get regular tuition.

Tuition might range from music lessons to exam preparation to instructing dancing courses. You may teach numerous students simultaneously using tools like Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

The creation of passive income products might subsequently augment active online teaching. That must focus on a specific topic or area that will assist people in moving forward.

For example, I educate people on designing a customized strategy for financial independence. In a previous life, I founded and successfully operated a tutoring business. So, if this is a business you wish to create, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Start Business At Home

4: Provide Online Coaching Or Consultation

You may not recognize it, but you have abilities or expertise that others may benefit from. You may offer your services as a coach or consultant and get handsomely compensated for it.

That is made feasible by using remote conferencing systems like Skype or Zoom. That is one of the world’s highest-margin business sectors.

As a result, some of the world’s largest firms (McKinsey, Deloitte, PWC, and so on) are all involved in consulting. You, too, as a one-person band or small team, may do exactly what they do.

The trick is to determine what you are good at, whether full-time or part-time, without paying rent, etc. (your talents). And put it to use on something that makes your heart sing (your passions).

For example, in education, I contribute my capacity to grasp money (talent) (passion). Even if you can’t pinpoint a craving, put your skills to use where there is a need.

5: Amazon FBA

You have your own Amazon online store where you source and sell your products, but they are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Amazon, in other words, packages and delivers the products.

If you join the FBA program, your products will be eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, giving you a distinct edge. Selling through Amazon rather than your own e-commerce business offers a distinct advantage.

Amazon spends a lot of money on advertising to bring people to its website. You will be able to sell to its consumer base.

Furthermore, you don’t need any workers or a warehouse to get started.

The best part is that you get to make when and how much you want to work.

6: Make A Low-Cost Membership Site

Membership sites are in great demand because they provide people with access to knowledge, community, and purpose all in one location.

That is at the heart of what makes effective membership sites function. You develop trust by providing value from a genuine place; with confidence comes reciprocity and a flow of value in your direction.

In practice, it works like this: you take the information you already know (or have access to) and generate continuous value content (e.g., videos) based on it.

Then you can host it on a website and charge people a monthly membership fee to view it. The term “cheap ticket” refers to monthly fees ranging from £9.99 to £37.

That might include anything from a collection of culinary recipes/healthy foods to teaching business skills, among other things.

You can augment the video material by appearing yourself at predetermined times throughout the week to assist your subscribers. Who may accomplish that via live sessions such as Facebook Lives? Or via Zoom video calls that people phone.

Our Membership Program was just introduced. Feel free to check it out and join our Dream Makers community.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Assume you charged £19.99 for your membership and eventually had 1,000 subscribers. That’s £20,000 per month (£240,000 per year) in income to cover platform and business expenditures.

That might turn into anything. I know someone in America who has 20,000 ladies in her neighborhood and costs $29.99 per person every month.

That equates to $7.2 million in revenue every year. Not bad for someone who isn’t even 40 years old. Didn’t start with 20,000 people, of course. It all began with a zero and grew over time.

That is a very crucial factor to keep in mind. We presently have over 130 subscribers paying £37 each month, and we did it within two weeks of beginning. Our membership has only been active for three weeks.

Even if you just had 10 – 20 people paying £10 per month, that is still a significant gain! Essentially, you can make this into whatever you want. But keep in mind that this is all about assisting people.

If you’re not interested in helping people, this won’t work for you.

The best aspect about this method of earning money is that it provides you with consistent recurring income that is given to you monthly in advance.

It’s worth noting that the cost per member decreases as your memberships rise. That is because it does not cost you extra money each time someone joins.

They join through the same method as others and are exposed to the same information.

7: Set Up An Online School To Sell Courses

You may have seen Financial Joy Academy references in this blog.

After listening to our audience about what they want to learn, that is something we’re making.

We provide direct learning video courses through the online school to enable people to progress beyond the fundamentals of personal finance.

If you like, you may sell courses separately.

The components are the same, but the recipe is not. I.e., You’re repurposing what you already know and presenting it in a new way.

Resources to Help You Take Action

Platform recommendation: For our online school, we utilize Thinkific as a platform. This firm is fantastic since they are beneficial.

For a non-technologist, their platform is likewise the stuff of fantasies.

8: Make an online store to sell Products

An online business is an excellent method to sell products without the inconvenience of paying rent or employing a large number of people.

It provides access to more clients because more traffic sources are available online. These traffic sources, such as Pinterest, Google, and others, are entirely free to use if you create complementary content to sell your products.

On a personal note, I just opened an online business as a gift for my father (67), who has a passion for food. It was created with Woocommerce and cost us only $280 (£210).

He now receives orders for his African culinary products from worldwide, including Australia!

Resources to Help You Take Action

Shopify has done everything possible to create and manage an eCommerce website as simple as potential. They handle all of the security, hosting, and credit card processing so that business owners may focus on advertising their website.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You may make anything from a few hundred pounds to a thousand pounds every month. That depends entirely on what you offer and how you sell it (i.e., product selection and sourcing) (i.e., marketing).

9: Start An Online Niche Food Business

Do you like to cook or are you interested in food?

Good cuisine is always in high demand. It gets even better if you can fulfill a specific niche while providing healthy alternatives.

The most straightforward approach to getting started is serving friends and family and asking them for evaluations, which will help you attract new consumers.Who knows, you might even generate a line that ends up in a big grocery aisle. Every food product sold in huge stores began as a tiny batch one day. With the rise of services like Just Eat and Uber Eats, it’s apparent where the demand is going.

10: Drop Shipping

That lets you get your feet wet in the e-commerce sector without putting too much skin in the game. Dropshipping allows you to operate as a perfect intermediary, bringing in customers while someone else handles packaging, shipping, and so on.

In their definitive guide to dropshipping, Shopify described it as follows: “Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment technique in which a business does not hold the products it offers in stock.”

Instead, when a business offers a product, the item is purchased from a third party and supplied straight to the client. As a result, the merchant can never view or handle the product.”

The main distinction between dropshipping and traditional eCommerce is that you never stock or own inventory. In actuality, find suppliers in lower-wage countries (for example, China) who can manufacture and deliver.

Alibaba and AliExpress are excellent resources for locating Chinese vendors. Dropshipping entails you receiving a portion of the profits for initiating the business.

To be successful, they are process-dependent, and pricing is critical given the razor-thin margins.

Process: Begin with a winning product and then concentrate on marketing. Suppliers write ad copy and make a video ad.

If you do it right, the entire process may be automated, with your primary role being to own and govern traffic.

Resources to Help You Take Action

To get started, sign up for a free Shopify workshop. View an example of drop shipping in action. Blue Crate is an example of a business that excels in dropshipping.

On YouTube, you may also browse a variety of channels. Get Paid to Search the Internet and Watch Videos. Brands prefer to acquire data on customer trends, which is often done through market research surveys.

It offers you virtual currency for completing brief online activities and is excellent for first-time survey takers. You may then convert your virtual wealth for real money, PayPal credits, Amazon or M&S gift cards, and other items.

Swagbucks also functions as a search engine similar to Google, and you get rewarded for using it instead.

Completing surveys, viewing movies, and other activities are also options. They pay you because they pass on a portion of the advertising money that they earn.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Each survey earns you 70 Swagbucks (40p). The survey lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Completing Surveys with I-Say i-Say (previously Ipsos) is a must-join survey site since it pays the most.

It has many surveys, and many people regularly receive £10 or more in Amazon vouchers.

You’ll get paid between 5p and £1.80 for every survey, and they’ll tell you how long the survey will be. A regular survey lasts 15 minutes, and you get paid off after you reach £10.

12: PopulusLive

Business Surveys PopulusLive specializes in business, politics, and culture-related research surveys.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Every 5 minutes, you will be paid £1. It is trendy, yet surveys are few and far between. Typical survey periods range from 15 to 20 minutes, with payouts starting at £50.

13: Opinion Outpost Surveys

Because of its low compensation threshold, Opinion Outpost is quite popular—the payout in Amazon gift cards and cash via PayPal.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The payment for each survey is 50p, with a maximum reward of £2.50. Surveys take about 15 minutes to complete.

14: Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VA) help organizations function smoothly by filling in the gaps. You may achieve this from the comfort of your own home while also working part-time.

Jobs might involve copywriting, assisting with the operational management of an online business, and so on.

As a Virtual Assistant, you may make between £15 and £30 per hour.

Sign up as a VA on Upwork and start earning money right away.

15: Make Money From Pinterest Online

Although most people associate Pinterest with social media, it is essentially a search engine similar to Google or YouTube.

It is believed that more than 80% of Pinterest users are motivated customers seeking inspiration. Many people are unaware that you may pin things for which you are an affiliate, leading to purchases.

When people buy the goods you pinned, you receive a commission. Pinterest is completely free to use and a lot of fun since it allows you to discover new ideas.

However, it is also a very successful marketing machine that can make money. The most successful way to make money on Pinterest is through Group Boards.

That will be utterly unfamiliar to you if you’re new to Pinterest. I’d recommend creating a Pinterest account and Pinning what you like. They gradually become members of group boards. As time passes,

Resources to Help You Take Action

A tailwind is a fantastic tool for automating and scheduling your pins, and I strongly suggest it. It works great for me.

How Much Money Can You Make?

If you are consistent, you may expect to make £100 – £300 each month.

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